Qamar Institute

Training and Workshops

At QISIR, we are organizing training and workshops program aimed to develop the skills and abilities of youths and support them through serving them with the proper guidance, infrastructure, opportunities, and encouragement that help them achieve their righteous ambitions.

Education and skills are essential for everyone, and they both walk hand in hand in everyone’s career journey. They are the roots behind the economic growth and community development of a country.

Our desire is to see our audience and students transform themselves, their communities, and ultimately the world, and become purposeful, productive, and spiritual Muslim adults.

We are committed to serving our audience and students to discover, develop, and deploy their calling. We aim to nurture and establish Islam as a living reality in the lives of Muslims and to enhance the Islamic identity in society at large.

At QISIR, we seek to create an enthusiastic educational environment that is nurturing, empowering, loving, and positive; where our audience and students can grow, develop and maximize their potential and deep knowledge about Islam teachings.

What we did so far:

Our team has encouraged understanding, appreciation, and compassion for the multicultural heritage of humankind while inspiring its audience and students to be active and contributing members of our world and their respective local communities. Through a rigorous, Prophetic-center education, we enable our audience and students to grapple with and engage in the spiritual, intellectual, ethical, and cultural issues of our time, their implications, and applications to everyday life.

Furthermore, QISIR organized several national-level workshops and training programs for the reorganization and promotion of our country’s skill development ecosystem for youths.