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Qamar Call Center aims to provide answers for Islamic and social questions via direct calls and internet messengers. Many of us have questions regarding matters governing our daily lives but due to lack of resources we aren’t able to find authentic answers as a result we tend to follow the society or available suggestions around us. In Afghanistan, we do have tv and radio programs offering live questions and answers sessions but there are serious questions with youth and sisters which can’t be asked in live tv, confidential matters can’t be disclosed, emotions can’t be expressed the entire story can’t be revealed. We are receiving questions from across the globe in 5 different languages, English, Pashto, Dari, Urdu, and Arabic. Since January 2018 till October 2021, we have provided detailed answers for more than 30000 questions received via direct calls, emails, and internet messengers.

Shamsurrahman Farih

Do you have any questions related to Islam and social life? then send your question through the following numbers and email.

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Shah shaheed, 1st street, Kabul, Afghanistan

Qamar Institute for Social and Islamic Research

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