Qamar Institute

Our Mission

Qamar institute for social and Islamic Research is an Afghanistan-based charity organization dedicated to continuing to reclaim Islamic narrative – sharing a compassionate and intelligent case for Islam and educating Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam.

Founded in 2018, our aim is to create awareness about the true nature of the Islamic faith and reclaim its original narrative by rolling out value-based campaigns, Islamic conferences, debates, and academic research on contemporary issues that assist in understanding Islam and removing common misconceptions about Islam.

Our Mission
We aim to address relevant topics head-on with the help of the foremost experts in this space. In addition to translating and analyzing classical works on the subject matter, we also aim to actively participate in the current day discourse touching on all topics that are related to establishing conviction in the hearts and minds of Muslims and battling the false notions that underlie Islamophobia and extremism. The institute aims to be the trusted source regarding these topics by creating engaging content in various formats, including journals, papers, articles, surveys, videos, and conferences.

The Institute is a non-profit research initiative that will make all of its online content free and accessible. This will allow everyone looking for answers, and those tasked with giving answers, to always have a comprehensive resource readily available to them.

Our Areas of Focus

We aim to address relevant topics head-on with the help of the foremost experts in this space. Our work concentrates in the following areas:

Faith crisis

Many Muslims in Afghanistan and across the world have doubted the Islamic faith due to the influence of western culture, atheistic ideologies, or absence of answers from their community leaders or Islamic institutions. We aim to provide answers for the people who have doubted their faith and clarify Islamic values against false allegations made by the critics of Islam.


With the rise of Islamophobia on one hand and extremism on the other, Islam has been cast as irrational, incompatible with modern civilization and inherently violent. This has put Muslims in a defensive position in which they constantly have to justify their convictions, while fighting off the natural doubts and insecurities that arise from such a climate. Research in this area will include topics such as Jihad, Shariah, gender issues, Muslim/Non-Muslim relations, slavery and explaining controversial texts in Islam.

Division amongst Muslims 

Just like any Muslim community, Afghans are suffering with division amongst themselves. We aim to address this discourse and unite people upon the Quran and prophetic teaching of Mohammad upon whom be peace.

Social Development

Qamar Institute will inspire community building and social development ideas from communities across the globe to Afghanistan to build a community of forbearance, compassion and tolerance. Also, to create social systems within community to assist the social and humanitarian needs of society.


Islam has a centuries-long tradition of inspiring its adherents to contribute to humanity based on a conviction in its tenets. Previous Muslims were on the forefront of contributing to medicine, philosophy, architecture, art, and governance among other areas. In our efforts to reclaim this tradition, we will highlight present-day efforts of Muslims who have been inspired by their faith to contribute positively to humanity.

Our Approach

Qamar is not a typical Islamic organization in Afghanistan. Our academic research and dawah approach are influenced by Islamic methods, strategies, and experience. As a result, we believe that a unique approach is necessary in order to stay true to our mission.


We aim to raise the discourse in the Afghan community by making free online videos, venue-based courses on different subjects of Islam and academic grade material accessible to everyone.

Intellectual integrity

We urge our work to speak and write their minds. Even if unpopular. Even if contradictory to the opinions of other than people of Sunnah.


Qamar will not take sides on any research topic or speaker. We believe our neutrality is the optimum way to foster dialog on the important topics of the day.

Disclaimer: The views, opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in these papers, Videos, and articles are strictly those of the authors. Furthermore, Qamar does not endorse any of the personal views of the authors on any platform. Our team is diverse on all fronts allowing for constant enriching dialogue that helps us produce only the finest materials.