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We know that helping one another in this journey of life is one of the most uplifting, generous, and healing things we can do. We have trained Islamic counselors who have worked within communities, creating the understanding that helping others is also to help oneself. If there is any matter that concerns you or your family which is causing tension and problems in your life you should seek help. Islam gives you answers and solutions to every regard.

Don’t be shy to seek help or to ask for advice, as a Muslim it is our duty to ask and find solutions for our problems through halal means. No matter how personal or problematic your case or question may seem, you should not hesitate or feel shy to go to Islamic counseling. As believers, a certain level of shyness is recommended and suggested in our Deen but this does not mean one should cause himself hardship by refraining himself from seeking help. Modesty and shyness are highly regarded in Islam but being upfront about one’s doubts and concerns have its importance in our Deen as well.

Qamar Islamic Counseling offers you fatwas, advice, help, and counseling when facing either marital trouble, financial difficulties, substance abuse, addiction, trauma, family problems, domestic violence, psychological problems, social issues, or otherwise. Please seek our help as we will provide guidance in a friendly environment where your troubles and problems are kept behind closed doors. Our helpers are professionals who have either a degree in Islamic studies and law, psychology, and therapy.

Shamsurrahman Farih

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